Lyneline products meet strict specifications that are unique in the field of body care: raw natural ingredients such as olive oil, rapeseed oil, grape seed oil and essential oils, in a simple and natural way. A list of ingredients limited to natural raw materials, without synthetic products, without petroleum products or animal products. Our products contain very little saturated fat, which is made easy by the exclusion of coconut or palm oil. Our friends and family, our Lyneline community and ourselves all aspire to put quality products on our skin that we know all about; truly natural body care products. The Lyneline product line is unique. Nowhere else are the intrinsic properties of natural ingredients so well highlighted. The simplicity of our formulations enhances the fundamental qualities and freshness of our raw materials. From the person concerned about preserving his or her health to the camper concerned about protecting the environment, our products are for everyone.




Lyneline has a laboratory in Nyon where research is currently focused on the creation of innovative products in the entire range of essential body care products. The hair rinse "Le Soyeux" is an innovative formula that allows perfect rinsing of the hair when using real natural soaps. It eliminates poorly soluble deposits such as limescale that weigh down the hair. Research is currently focused on the creation of products to protect the skin from the sun without using synthetic or mineral sunscreens. These patented, all-natural products can protect adults and children from the sun's harmful effects on the skin.



By experienced professionals : Our products are developed by an expert in galenics who, after 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, completed her training and obtained an FPH diploma in herbal medicine. We choose only ingredients with real and proven virtues.


With the minimum of ingredients : Our products contain only the bare minimum of components. Most of the ingredients in conventional products do not contribute to their effectiveness. Our goal is to offer you a unique product line that hides nothing.


With Swiss or European ingredients : The ingredients in our products come from Switzerland, Spain and France. We prefer European olive oil of organic origin, Swiss rapeseed oil and grape seed oil. They contain little saturated fat but contain essential unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 in a proportion that is favorable for our health. In particular linoleic acid, crucial for skin health, and rapeseed, which grows so easily here.


With natural and biodegradable ingredients : the ingredients used in the manufacture of our products are natural. From rapeseed oil to beeswax, you will find no petroleum derivatives. They are therefore not harmful either to the environment or to your health.


Free of undesirable products : Present in almost all body care products, some substances are already recognized for their harmfulness. As the harmlessness of others has not been proven, we have decided not to use them either. Our products are therefore made without parabens, phthalates, bisphenol, silicone, sulfates, synthetic polymers, petroleum products, zinc, and aluminum. Our components are fully declared and we do not use any vague terms such as " fragrance ", which can disguise the use of other ingredients.


Swiss-made : All of our products are developed, manufactured, and packaged in our laboratory in Nyon, Switzerland.


Organically grown : We aim to use only organically grown components when available such as our ORGANIC olive oil and most of our essential oils 


Eco-responsible packaging : Our products are packaged and delivered in cardboard, glass or reusable containers to limit waste production. We also offer large volume glass packaging for refills.


Animal friendly products : Even though it seems obvious, we are sometimes asked the question. Our products contain no animal fat, and none of them are tested on animals, of course !  


Essential oils

Essential oils (from the Latin essentia, "nature of things") are plant extracts in liquid form, obtained by distillation. This produces a natural, unmodified concentrate that can be used to perfume and preserve preparations.



Evelyne, a doctor of pharmacy and SSPM phytotherapist, began in 2018 to develop the formulation of products such as the repairing ointment and some soaps, with olive and rapeseed oil, using her galenic and phytotherapeutic expertise to create simple recipes, with essential oils obtained directly by distilling plants. Lyneline is a company born from a collaboration between members of our family in the heart of the canton of Vaud. From our love for nature comes a great interest in products that respect health and the environment. These convictions and our spirit of innovation have allowed us to realize a project by uniting our skills with the collective support of the community. The principle is simple: high quality products, for everyone, that contain only what is necessary and no harmful ingredients for the body and the environment. Evelyne is responsible for the formulation and production. Bertrand is a physicist and develops the custom-made production equipment needed to manufacture our products. Ambroise is an engineer and is responsible for the development and maintenance of the direct sales platform and for stock management. Marceline, a geoscience graduate, manages the marketing as well as the control of the origin of the different ingredients to ensure quality and sustainability. Antoine is responsible for the logistics of orders and shipments. All together, we offer you these products from their conceptualization to their manufacturing, right to your mailbox. Our products are handmade with the greatest care in our laboratory located in Nyon according to the standards of the Ordinance on Cosmetics OSAV.